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"We work for organic food!"

Liveliness and some culture of food which is really high-quality - that is what we want to transport to society. For that we established our guiding principles and priorities. Our special concerns are part of the discussions in our internal working groups. There we talk about themes of the branche. Our Board decides about the matters of our Members. The Office-Team coordinates the association.



The AöL-members work for organic, humainly and future food. The whole supply chain and the process from farming, processing and the sale in relation to the consumer is value-determining. Cooperation and the exchange of views are success factors and the basis for political action.

Mainly we work for political representation of interests on national and european level. No less important is the promotion of the dialog and cooperation of our members.

The organisation AöL advocates for:


the development of European right,


especially the organic regulation under the aspects


of quality, transparency and the aspects of nature



Board Members

Our Board is there for guiding the association:

Alexander Beck, AöL
Andreas Swoboda, Bio Breadness
Susanne Horn, Neumarkter Lammsbräu
Jürgen Hansen, Friland J. Hansen
Josef Eder, Bio-Hofbäckerei Mauracher
Jörg Große-Lochtmann, Öko-Services


Office Team

The Office Team coordinates the association.

The team is there to advise the members, organise seminars and special events, prepare special themes, observe and comment processes on law and do the public relations.

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Our Structure

AöL-members meet twice a year on the shareholders meeting. It corresponds to the buisness meeting.

The Board is leading the organisation. He consists of 7 members and is selected for 3 years.

The members comittee decides about the admission of enterprises. It is selected for 5 years.

The exchange of members is mostly happening in the internal working groups. There are working groups for bread, meat, market and consumer, joung enterpreneurs, sustainability, law, raw materials and packaging.


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