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Chlorate / Perchlorate – Residues
AöL Information on chlorate and perchlorate residues in organic food

In investigations, among others by the Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Stuttgart (CVUA Stuttgart) [1], residues of chlorate and perchlorate were found invarious organic foods from different countries of origin.

Contaminates in organic products

During the revision process of the organic regulation, the topic of contaminants/residues was a central point of the debate. Important progress was reached in the process by establishing the requirements in Article 28 of the new organic regulation. These requirements are clarifying the responsibilities and procedures in a more precise way than in current organic regulation.

Interpretation of Articles 27 – 29 and 41 and 42 of Regulation (EU) No. 2018/848 (2. Version)

The new EU Basic Regulation on organic farming No. 2018/848 governs dealing with deviations and non-compliance in Articles 27, 28, 29 41 and 42. It further develops and supplements the essential requirements of Article 30 of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and of Articles 26, 63, 91 and 92 of Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.


The instructions for handling cases of non-compliance with the organic regulation stipulate that the primary responsibility for assessing suspected cases lies with the companies concerned. The new organic law increases the responsibility of companies for such procedures and clarifies the division of responsibilities between control bodies / government authorities and companies (...)

Food is a basic necessity of life and the quality aspiration of our industry is to create and produce foods that give us life. They can reconnect people to their world and bring them into harmony with their world. This includes protecting the environment and avoiding social harm. Our understanding of food involves much more than just guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances or other risks. The authorities see it differently, and in politics and the media too, the aspect of safety often dominates when it comes to food.

Revision Process 2017: Information about Article XX/20 about obligations and actions

Due to several reports there is a lot of uncertainty concerning article XX and 20 of the new organic regulation. Therefore we hereby offer some first technical information about the article, although the final legal text has not yet been decided on. The final legal
consistency check is still missing.

The existing organic regulation (art.91 of 889/2008) states the following regulations on the handling of suspected cases of non-compliances...

Our "Themenhefte"


Our Themenhefte are some kind of dossiers from our association. The members are writing about their visions of food processing, about responsibility and a different kind of economy.

Because of that, the Themenheft is an important contribution to the discussions about the future of organic. You can read it here in German.


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