Members of the AöL work for organic, valuable and sustainable food.

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On a framework for sustainable food labelling

The EU Commission is planning to establish a legislative proposal for a framework for sustainable food labelling to empower consumers towards sustainable food choices.  We agree and see it in line with the aims of the “Green deal”.

Management guideline for processors

The management guideline developed as
part of the ProOrg project gives a good overview of the requirements for organic food manufacturers and can be individually adapted for each company.


The Green Deal and "Farm to Fork" strategy

The EU Commission's "Green Deal" and "Farm to Fork" strategy are bold and visionary papers that send very positive signals regarding the sustainable restructuring of the eco-nomy.

Karanjin residues

Karanjin is a secondary plant compound (flavonoid) that occurs naturally in the seeds of the karanja tree of the genus Pongamia glabra (legume family). This tree grows wild in southern India. The extract from its seeds (karanjin oil) is used in traditional folk medicine for pharmaceutical purposes but can also be used as an insecticide and an acaricide.


Our "Themenhefte"


Our Themenhefte are some kind of dossiers from our association. The members are writing about their visions of food processing, about responsibility and a different kind of economy.

Because of that, the Themenheft is an important contribution to the discussions about the future of organic. You can read it here in German.

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