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The Green Deal and "Farm to Fork" strategy

The EU Commission's "Green Deal" and "Farm to Fork" strategy are bold and visionary papers that send very positive signals regarding the sustainable restructuring of the eco-nomy.

Ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol residues - AöL informationon ethylene oxideand 2-chloroethanol residues in sesame seeds

Since 22/10/2020, alert messages on findings of ethylene oxidein sesame seeds from India have accumulated in the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

According to information from laboratories and the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office (CVUA) Stuttgart [1], the repellents DEET (diethyltoluamide) and Icaridin, such as, e.g., in insect repellents, are detected as residues in plant-based food, such as wild mushrooms, in fruit, flower, and herbal infusions, in green and black tea, as well as in berries and leafy vegetables.

AöL information about residues of phosphonate and fosetyl-aluminium in organic food

During investigations, including by the Chemical & Veterinary Investigation Office in Stuttgart (CVUA Stuttgart) [1], residues of fosetyl-al (a substance comprising fosetyl and phosphonic acid commonly known as Fosetyl) was detected in various organic foods from a variety of countries of origin.



Our "Themenhefte"


Our Themenhefte are some kind of dossiers from our association. The members are writing about their visions of food processing, about responsibility and a different kind of economy.

Because of that, the Themenheft is an important contribution to the discussions about the future of organic. You can read it here in German.

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